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We currently participate with the following insurers:
Maryland Medicaid

- No insurance? Have a pre-existing condition? Check out the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, offered through the U.S. Dept of Health.

- Maryland Health Connection, Maryland's official health insurance marketplace.

- Download this brochure to learn what you can do to cover the costs of your healthcare.

- Read this short handout about understanding your health plan's rules. badge - is a helpful resource that explains different options for healthcare coverage and the health care law.

- NCQA Health Insurance Plan Ratings provides score cards for insurance plans available in each state.

- Health Insurance Formularies list which medicines are covered by your insurance company. These links show what the insurer generally covers, but check directly with them so see what your specific plan covers.

If an insurer refuses to pay for a medical treatment, patient may utilize the Health Education and Advocacy Unit of the Maryland Attorney General's Office to assist them in filing a grievance with the carrier. The number to call for this assistance is 1-877-261-8807. If the insurance carrier still refuses to pay for the medical care, the patient may then file an appeal with the Maryland Insurance Administration (MIA) at 1-800-492-6116.